If you play world of Warcraft then you must have seen this error at least once. WOW error 132 is generated when your computer is having trouble reading or saving temporary files on your computer. there are a couple of solutions to this error. If you don’t know where exactly is the problem then you can try all these solutions till your problem is solved.

How Does WOW Error 132 Actually Occurs?

As mentioned before that this error arises when world of Warcraft cannot read or save temporary files on your computer. Temporary files are files that are created by world of Warcraft. these files contain some information like your profile, score, level or other important information. in short without these files your game will not run.

How to Remove This Error

Now you can fix this error 132 exception in the any one of the following ways.

Firstly, you can try the basic route. go to the folder where you installed world of Warcraft. if you didn’t set an exact location then it would be in C drive, program files. open that folder and look for a folder named “interface”, “cache” and “WTF”. now rename all three of these folders to anything else. restart your game and it will start working.

if you still have this error then you can continue with this step. another reason for error 132 exception may be that your computer is not supporting the graphics of this game. this maybe time consuming but you have to update your computers video graphics to continue. just open up your browser and look for NVidia or ATI. download or upgrade these from the official website. try to avoid third party links. once you are done then start up the game again. if it works then you don’t need to go any further, if not then you unfortunately have to move to the next step.

if the above steps are not working then you have to download world of Warcraft again. you have to uninstall the present game and install it again. go to the control panel and click on Add/Remove programs option. look for the world of Warcraft and uninstall it. install it again from using installation CD. your game will work perfectly again.