HTTP 500 Internal Server Error usually occurs when there is any sort of problem with server of website. It can happen anytime on any internet browser whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari. Most of the times it occurs when user is trying to open and get access to any website. This error can be shown in different ways like “500 Internal Server Error”, “HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error”, “Internal Server Errorand “500. That’s an error”

Causes of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error can be due to several number of reasons. It normally shows that there is any problem with website`s server. It can also occur, if configuration is invalid or due to any error in programming of site.

Ways to Fix HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

If any of you is facing HTTP 500 Internal Server Error while trying to open any site, then you should read this below. It contains different ways to Fix Error for Windows permanently.

Check your Internet Connection

First of all, check your internet connection if you are displayed with any error while trying to access any site. Due to failed internet connection, sites don’t open most of the times and different errors can be shown. So, just make sure that your device is connected with an internet connection and it is working properly before moving to next steps.

Restart Web Page

The most common and simple method to fix any error, you face during opening any site is to refresh web page. It can be done so through more than one ways. You can also click on Refresh option to refresh web page from browser. Also, you can use F5 short-key to refresh webpage. If this doesn’t work then move on to next method.

Delete Browser`s Cookies

The other method is to delete Browser`s cookies related to site, that is not opening. Deleting Browser`s cookies related to that site from your PC can be the solution to fix this error. Clearing Brower`s cache can also be helpful in fixing this. If any of you are Google Chrome user, then you can delete Browser`s cookies and cache as explained below:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Then, go to menu button or three lines icon.
  3. Move pointer of mouse to More Tools.
  4. List of new options will be displayed. Choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the list.
  5. Make sure that you have ticked Cookies and other site data andCached images and files.

That’s it. Users can also use another shortcut. Simply press “CTRL + Shift + Del” and delete browsing data from Google Chrome. These can also be key reason for HTTP 500 Internal Server error.

If you are Windows Internet Explorer user, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the button names as “Tools“.
  3. Go to Safety option.
  4. Then, tap on “Delete Browsing History“.

If you are using any other internet browser, then go to Google and search for method of deleting browsing history. After clearing internet browsing history, this error should be fixed. If it doesn’t, then you should think about using any other internet browser.