BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors like VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR is one of the most common and serious error on Windows 10. Video scheduler internal error can cause your system to crash and also there is risk that you may lose your data. So, it is necessary that if you are facing this error, then try to fix it as soon as possible.

This error can appear when you turn on or shut down your PC. It can also occur during playing any game as “STOP Error 0x119: VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR“. This error causes your PC to close all programs and restart it automatically.

Causes of Video Scheduler Internal Error

Before we discuss the solutions to fix Video scheduler internal error permanently, we should know the reasons due to which this error can occur:

  • Corrupted Windows and registry files
  • Any virus or malware
  • Missing or damaged video driver

Methods to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error

If you are currently using Windows 10, then you may can face Video scheduler internal error while using any app. Restarting your PC can help you to remove this error. But this is temporary solution and there is possibility that it can re-appear when you use that app again. So here we are going to mention that ways through which user can fix this error permanently.

Install Latest Windows 10 Update

If you have not yet updated your Windows 10 to latest version, then do it. The first and simple method to remove this error from PC is downloading the latest Windows 10 update. Microsoft is releasing new updates of Windows 10 that have security improvement as well as new features. So, installing Windows 10 new update can fix Video Scheduler Internal Error.

Fix Registry

As you read above that corrupt registries can also cause this error to appear again and again. Any problem in registry can be responsible for Blue Screen of Death. In order to scan registry and fix corrupted files, download third party program like Cleaner. After downloading it, run it as administrator and scan for any issue in registry. After fixing these issues, VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR will be fixed automatically.

Change Graphic Card Settings

It has been reported that changing graphic card settings can also fix this error. If any of you is Nvidia graphics card user, then change the settings to “Performance” instead of “Quality” through Nvidia control panel. Also, set the PhysX to “Default”.  if you are not using Nvidia graphics card, then go to Intel control panel and make the same changings there.

Download Latest Drivers

Corrupted or damaged drivers can cause the PC to crash and Video Scheduler Internal Error can appear. Downloading latest versions of outdated drivers will make your PC more secure and safe and also fix these Blue Screen errors. For this purpose, install any trusted driver updater software and follow given below steps:

  1. After downloading Driver Updater Software, install and launch it.
  2. Then, Scan your PC for damaged, missing and outdated drivers.
  3. After completing scan, you will be displayed with a list of outdated and missing drivers.
  4. Click on Update All to download the latest versions of all outdated drivers.

That’s it. Hopefully, these will help you to get rid of this error permanently.