Reddit is one of the Top American Social News Agency, Web content rater and Online community as well. But now a days the people are often talking about Reddit error 503.  You can probably see some other errors as well including 405403 and 504 etc. But you don’t need to worry. The reason is that in this article I am going to give you some classical tips to solve these errors. Likewise, you may have seen same error of HTTP 500 Error during loading other websites.

Keep in mind that these types of errors are technical ones and can’t be removed easily. So, we will give you different tricks and tips to solve the problem. We practically tried to solve this problem. Reddit error 503, 504 403, 504 and other Errors are often caused due to server problem. If you really want to fix theses error then you are on the right place.

What is Reddit and its Features

Oh, some people will be laughing on this Segment of Article. But let me tell you that a lot of people out of USA don’t know about this platform and community.            It is one of the top Social news Agency which probably covering topics on everything around the world. But more importantly their reliability is great. It is covering all millions of topics including Latest News, humor, job-specific pages, skills, Audience and Fans Theory.

Earlier it was Launched in 2005 only for Desktop. Gradually when its popularity starts increasing then it Launched app for Android as well as iOS. Now it is ranking at 9th in Alexa Global World Rank and 5th in United States. That’s really need some Ultimate, Extra and Magical. I personally also recommend this site. You will get latest reports of anything you want.

What are the Nature and Cause of Reddit Errors 503

Every error in Reddit is not same in nature. There are many Different types of Reddit error but one of them most Reddit error 503. Following is the list of these Errors.

503 & 504

These type is really difficult to fix. Means it is above the sense of any average people. The reason is that the Server of Reddit can be busy for a current moment that’s why the website is not opening. But don’t worry cause further in this article I will completely describe that how you can fix it.


If you are trying to post on Subreddit then these errors Commonly produced. But the main reason of occurrence of these errors are that you banned on this website somehow. You will read the display Reddit error 403 as Forbidden.


This type of error usually occurs when you are trying to post something on Reddit. But instead it is not so difficult to deal as 503 and 504 errors. You can refresh the page and post the Articles again. So, in this case you don’t need to worry about anything.

How to Fix these Errors

I am going to describe two simple methods for Fixing above errors. Following are the main steps for solving Reddit error 503, 405, 403 and 504 .

Reinstall the Reddit app

You can also implement this trick if you want to solve the problem. Simply re-install the Reddit app, but this method is only applicable on reddit app. This method is effective as well as really fast. Simply tap on Reddit app and then click on the Trash icon located at the top of the Screen. Then install the app again.

Try to Open Reddit with some other Browser

If you are working on Desktop or Laptop. Then you can try to open reddit on some different web browsers. There are chances that this method may work properly.

Method to Fix these Errors

Following is the method to explain to fix these errors. The method is described correspondingly with their error name.

503 & 504

These errors are most typical to Solve. These errors are caused by server errors. So, you can’t do a lot about it but you can still follow these steps to Solve the problem.

The first thing that you can do is to Refresh your Page. You can simply go To URL and their press enter to refresh. Or you can simply press Ctrl + F5 all together for refreshing your webpage.

Clear Browsed Cache is also an effective method for facing these errors. You can remove browsed cache from Clear Browsed Data. Then simply go to chrome menu and then more tools and lastly clear browsing data. Instead you can also use the short-cut Key Ctrl +Shift + Del.

Most of times I tried this method and the errors are removed instantly. From my point of a view it such a great Method.

Delete Browser Cookies method can also be used to remove these 500 Server Errors. Some websites can also be trouble shoot from deleting cookies. You can remove cookies by going to chrome menu and then more tools and lastly clear browsing data. You can also use the short-cut Key Ctrl +Shift + Del.


Reddit error 405 mainly occurs due to using Reddit on Safari and Firefox. The solution is simple. You can use Reddit on Chrome to solve the problem. If you are using Reddit app on Smart Phone. Then you can switch to Chrome browser on smart phone.


As mentioned earlier that 403 error is caused when you are banned from Subreddit. It is simple thing that you are only banned from Reddit when you post some illegal content. That’s is the reason of the occurrence of this error. So, make sure you never post illegal content on reddit. So, it is your fault and there is no solution except you can create your new ID.

But if you are sure that you haven’t post an illegal content then you can contact on Customer Service of Reddit. Hope by reading this Article you will be able to face Reddit error 503, 405, 403, 504.