One of the common error reported by large number of Windows users is dreadful red screen and can be due to many reasons. As a Windows user, you must be familiar with Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Likely, Red screen is also seen and reported by some of the Windows users. However, there are no such specific causes for this dreadful Red Screen, but it can be due to any error 0069 or hardware issue in drivers.

Different Ways to Fix Red Screen Windows 10

If you are facing any such error, then don’t worry. It can be fixed easily. This red screen can be fixed through different ways. It can be done by updating your BIOS, removing overlocking, check for any error in hardware and also by fixing graphics card driver. All possible and simple ways to fix this red or blue screen error are explained below:

Update your BIOS

Different hardware requires updates with time for proper working. In order to update your hardware, some modifications are required to the BIOS. In this way, Basic Input/output System (BIOS) plays an important role in working of different hardware like GPU. This step can be dangerous and can cause damage to your PC, if you are not well familiar with procedure of updating BIOS. You can contact any expert for that or download the update from website of manufacturer of hardware. After downloading, run the BIOS or UEFI update.

Fix Graphics Card Driver

This red or blue screen can also be due to any error in graphics card driver. First of all, you should check whether Graphics Card Driver is proper working or not. User can use any third-party app like Driver Talent to check for any issue in drivers. After detecting any issue, it can be fixed by downloading the most compatible driver from internet.

Remove Overlocking

Other method to fix this error is by removing overlocking. Although, using overlocking gives the best performance but it also has some side effects. It can cause user`s PC to heat up instantly and that results in causing permanent damage your GPU or CPU. In order to cool down your system, you must remove overlocking. This can be done by resetting the all settings to default through BIOS. If you are not using overlocking, then you can skip this way and follow the next one.

Look for Newly Installed Anything

As there are no such specific reasons for this error, so it can be due to newly installed software or any recently upgraded hardware. If you have any such recently installed hardware in your mind, then remove it. For uninstalling any such harmful software, go to control panel and uninstall it from there. If any user is unable to open their control panel normally, then try restarting your PC in safe mode to do so.   

These ways are the most common and easy ways to solve this error. If this red screen don’t fix even after following these ways, then you should contact any expert to find out a solution for this.