Error code 0xc000007b in Windows 7, 8 & 10 can be fixed easily, error 0xc000007b in windows known as application error. In many forums people are discussing the topic and asked the solution if such issues and how to fix it.

As we know Windows is the product of Microsoft and very popular operating system. Windows 7 & later on Windows 10 are stunning in design, functionality and features.

We are looking to guide our audience about Windows common error 0xc000007b, this error is normally occurs when user try to open an application which is not working. This is really irritating and time wasting process and will not fix by itself. It required some technical assistance to fix the issue and problem of 0xc000007b code.

This error is very typical & specific type of error as we can say error code 0x80004005, as you can see the error message ‘The application is unable to start correctly’. We always propose the specialist of windows to encounter the specific errors despite the issue to Windows generic errors. Any error of Windows might have some technical issues as errors are integrated with application and lot of factors is the reason to open the Windows.

What is the Basic Reasons of Error Code 0xc000007b

This will happen when you’re experiencing to open the application and failed. You are trying to run the program which should be installed on Windows 64 bit version. It may happen that you’re using 32 bit operating system but no need to be worried about these technicalities.

Error may be happen due to several reasons, for example application is not properly updated and may be not downloaded perfectly. By mistake you may delete the application files. Eventually you need to fix the error code to run the application properly otherwise system will be in trouble.

How to Solve the Error Codes

Once you did all the remedies then shutdown the application properly and open it. If there is any error message then follow the procedures.

Reinstall the Application

There is an easy way to get rid to error is to uninstall the application and then reinstall it from your side. There is an error from Google Play unknown install error or the Nintendo Wii Error Code. But in Widows 10 and Windows 7 procedure is little bit difficult.

Fix Error Windows 7

  • Click the option of ‘Windows icon’ left corner of bottom hand
  • Pop up will display with two column & pick the option Control Panel
  • Under the heading of Programs choose the option Uninstall Program
  • Now pick the correct application and uninstall it
  • System will reconfirm to ask OK to uninstall

Once you have uninstalled the program then restart the Windows to install it again otherwise download it first.

Fix Error Windows 10

  • At your start screen press Windows button at keyboard
  • Press hold up a while to display the pop up
  • Click the three dots to expand the Windows and uninstall the program
  • Now restart the Windows 10 and install it again otherwise download Windows 10

Option of Run as Administrator

Once you choose the option run as administrator will communicate the system that everything is fine with application. But you will do something with application and administrative rights are required.

If your computer will try to block to open the program then override it. There is simple procedure in Windows to right click application and select ‘run as administrative’. System will confirm the password and you need to enter it correctly.

How to Fix System & Application Compatibility

There is probability that application is not compatible with system due to some reasons or file extension issues.  This is called Gama but you can fix the issue by using two methods via ‘Compatibility Mode’ and ‘Check Application Permission’

Check Application Permission

  • Open the installation folder of application
  • Click the C:\Program Files (x86)\Application Folder
  • Now right click application >Properties >Security.
  • You are required to check the Full control box & allow box.
  • Press the option apply & OK.

Run Application in Compatible Mode

  1. Start menu, right click Applications >Properties>Compatibilities
  2. Click the box with option ‘Run the program in compatibility mode ’
  3. Dropdown menu will appear of Windows version
  4. Apply the settings & press OK

Check Hardware

Hard disk is the grand to heart and biggest storage device, there is likely chances to error occurrence in hard drive. This will cause the sever problem in hard drive and effect the performance of programs as all the programs are installed here.

How to Fix in Windows 7

  • Right click ‘Start Button’ & open Windows Explorer
  • Select you drive from computer ‘normally it is C drive’
  • Now right click the drive to select the properties to choose Tools tab
  • Find the error checking category press Check Now
  • Press automatic fix file systems error box form Check Disk Windows
  • Restart the Computer and it will check automatically

How to Fix in Windows 10

Follow the same steps in Windows 10, but you can do it by command prompt by using different ways. Open the command prompt and write the line chkdsk/fD, it will start the process of disk check on system hard drive.