It is a nightmare when you get an error while updating your windows. Especially when you don’t know where and what is the problem and you can’t solve it. Windows update error 80072ee2 is a tricky error and sometimes it takes a long time to get fixed. So, you be patient and your error will be removed.

There are multiple solutions for one problem. The biggest issue is that you don’t know where the error actually lies. So, you have to go through multiple solutions till you reach the one that works for you. If you already know the core of the problem then you are in luck, you can just skip to the solution of your problem.

Proxy Server Error

If you are using a proxy server then chances are that this is the cause of your error. Your firewall maybe blocking your computer to make the windows update, hence causing the error 80072ee2. The solution is to make a rule in your firewall to allow your windows update. It is actually easier done than said.

Open your firewall advanced security. Just search windows firewall with advanced security or access it from your control panel. Now click on outbound rules. Now choose the new rule option from the drop-down menu. Now you will see the new rule wizard on your screen. Now check the boxes that allows the traffic of windows update to go through. Now make the new rule and start your update. Once done, change the settings back to original by deleting the rule you just created.

Spyware on Computer

If you have a spyware on your computer than that maybe the cause of 80072ee2 error. Even if you don’t have it then you can try out this trick. You just need to restore your original settings on internet explorer.

Just type in “netshwinhhtp import proxy source=ie” on the search bar in start menu and all the internet explorer settings will be restored.

MTU Settings

If your error is still there then you may have an issue in your Maximum Transmission Unit settings. The solution is quite simple. Just to go start menu and type “REGEDIT” in the search bar. Now visit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tci|Interfaces\ [Adapter ID]]. Now search for the DWORD value or change the MTU value to anything decimal (if the value you entered does not work then try entering 1500). Now restart your update.