camera error android

As you try to open the Camera and unable / Can’t connect to camera error is the issue with Android phone. Cameras have become a necessity in smart phones now days. Even with such high quality cameras available in the market, people prefer their phone cameras. Android phones have one of the best cameras in the market. It is one of the reason android phones are preferred by people. But sometimes you receive an error message in your android phone camera saying “can’t connect to camera on android”

Reason for Camera Error Android Phones 

There are many reasons for this error to occur. It can be either software or hardware. When you try to access your camera, from your smart phone or from any social site or application, it shows a blank screen for few minutes and then displays the error message “Can’t connect to the camera”.

How to Fix Your Camera Error

Basic Measure

Well the basic way to fix it is to restart your device. It is not the ideal approach as sometimes it doesn’t work but other times it does the job and your camera starts working again. It is the most basic approach before you try other ways. Another tip is to turn on the safety mode on your phone. Safe mode disables the third party applications on your phone. If you turn the safety mode on and then restart your device and the camera starts working, then there is an issue in one of the applications your installed.

Uninstall the applications that have access to your camera such as Facebook, snapchat, messenger etc. uninstall one device at a time and check the camera again. If the camera starts working again then the last application you un-installed was the problem. If the camera still doesn’t work then the problem is in the default camera application itself. In this case go to android settings and un-install all the camera updates and shut the camera app down. Clear the cache and reinstall the updates.

Average Measure

If the above procedure doesn’t work then go to android settings. Locate camera app and click on permissions option. Slide it to the right and restart your device.

Extreme Measures

The last option for you is to wipe your device. This will delete all you images, videos, applications etc. so make sure to attempt the first two methods first. To begin turn your device off. Now hold the volume down button and power button. Now you will see an android menu. Select recovery mode option and then select wipe cache partition. This will wipe your device.

Check if the camera works and if it still doesn’t work, restore your phone to factory settings. But make sure it is your last possible option.