One of the most faced windows errors includes 0x80070002 Errors. But in most cases, it depends upon the version of Windows you are using. The error 0x80070002 is also known as Windows update encountered an unknown problem. Means this window error occurs due to Latest Windows update.

Some people also face these errors due to some Windows security reasons and sometime while taking backups. So, in order to solve the problem, you must update and install your windows. But if this method doesn’t work then you don’t have to worry. The reason is that in this article I am going to describe that how you can fix this window error.

These numerical errors are faced a lot by people now a day. These types of errors usually symbolize deciphered by manufacturers of the product reporting the error. It may occur differently for every user. Most people facing these errors do not have such high knowledge to solve them. They often search these error on google to get the possible solution. So, here we are to solve your problem.

Main Reasons for Occurrence of 0x80070002 Errors

There can be multiple reasons for the occurrence of this error. But few of them is listed here.

  • One main reason is that if your internet connection is really slow or not reliable.
  • It possibly occurs due to incorrect time settings on your system. Sometimes due to corrupt registry of system files.
  • If your windows are not updated then this error can also occur.
  • If your data store folder is mismatched then this error will frequently occur.

Fixing Errors with Some Simple Steps

The simple steps are not much complicated. These steps are used in daily PC working. You can make sure that your internet is stable. If not wait for a short period and then try again. You can also contact to your internet provider. He must tell you the reason why and will solve your problem soon.

Then you must check for your windows updates if possible. If updates are available then you must update your windows and then surely this error will not occur if everything is okay. Keep in mind that if sometime you face this error with Microsoft Security Essential then wait and do not Reboot your system. Simply try again to solve the problem.

Configuring Time Settings

Incorrect time settings on your system is a major cause of these error. Majority of time 0x80070002 Error occur due to wrong configuring of your system time settings. Following is the method to Configure your correct time settings.

Firstly, press on Win + R and a dialog box will be opened. The next thing that you must do is to type Control Panel and click on enter. There open date and time.

The choose the option of change date and time. After configuring Date and time press on OK.

Then press on internet time and change Settings.

Now check Synchronize with an Internet time server then you can close time Server from the list. Press Update now and lastly click on ok. So, it will start implementing.

Try Windows Installing

You make these windows update pending. So, in order to get them again the simple method can be used by restarting the windows. When you will restart you will automatically see this option. Click on the option and then click on Start.

Then type Update in the search box. Hit on Enter. Then look for windows Update and Bang on enter.

Then windows update will start implementing.

Simply Delete Software Distribution Folder

Following is the method to Delete Software Distribution. You can also fix 0x80070002 Errors by this method.

  • Launch Windows Explorer.
  • Then go to C:\Windows folder by simply navigating.
  • Then delete this Software Distribution by searching it. You can rename it if you wish to not delete.